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I originally created this simple 3 step (free) worksheet in 2004 to help me keep my own thinking right. Then I thought why not share it with friends and family... They all loved it so I created this free .pdf for everyone in the world to enjoy in 2008. Feel free to print it out or forward it on to anyone you can think of that might get some good use from it. Dont forget to keep it somewhere you can re-read it like I do. I have had my copy in my bathroom for over 5 years now and read it about once or twice a month...

Good luck and let me know what you think ~ Seth

"Good, Better, Best: Put it to the test:
'Til your Good is Better, and your Better is the Best!"

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Hi Seth, I can see why Jill thinks so highly of you...this is wonderful....well done, well written and very concise...I will share this with my clients...thank you! - Bob ~ UCLA School of Medicine
Seth – this is wonderful and so very accurate!! Thanks for sharing!
Love ya,